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Sir Sean Connery, Patron

High Blood Pressure Foundation 15th Annual Report 2005

A Message from Sir Sean Connery, Patron

I trust that you will find this, the Annual Report of the High Blood Pressure Foundation, to be an interesting account of another very busy year for this Scottish charity of which I am pleased to be Patron.

The Foundation’s aims continue to be met, namely to improve the basic understanding, assessment, treatment and public awareness of high blood pressure, and in so doing help promote the welfare of people with high blood pressure.  There have been two major High Blood Pressure Awareness Days this year at a shopping mall and an airport with hundreds of people having their blood pressure checked. These health educational events whereby nurses and doctors leave the hospital to work in a community setting are expensive to organise and that is where you, the reader of this document, can help.


It may be that you already donate to this worthy charity or you are reading this Report for the first time.  You may also have attended the many fundraising events, which are organised by the Foundation, so will know why its existence is important to Scotland.   Please take time to recognise that the Foundation manages to retain a vital presence in the community despite small staffing numbers.  Research into high blood pressure in order to combat this silent menace is extremely costly as is equipment.  If you have not donated to the High Blood Pressure Foundation before I hope that you will now do so, and to those of you who have already donated and intend to donate again we express most grateful thanks. Your support is vital, will be sincerely appreciated and   put to very good use.


With all good wishes for 2006,

Yours aye


Sean Connery